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Motorhome rental
with automatic gearbox

Start your adventure

Discover a different way of traveling…


Rent Profiled Motorhome Barcelona

Plan your vacation as you like

Choose your destinations and live your own adventure to the mountains, the beach or exotic places

Travel with your family and/or friends

With our motorhomes you not only enjoy the destination, but the entire trip

Forget about having to adapt to travel, better adapt the trip at your own pace

Rent a motorhome with automatic gearbox

to enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

Traveling by motorhome the journey to reach the destination becomes part of an unforgettable experience. Meet people, discover other cultures and traditions, enjoy new landscapes. Accumulate countless memories along the way.


Icono Globo

3.500 Kg.

Driving license B1

Icono Globo

Up to 5 Seats

With safety belt


Automatic Transmission

Easy driving

Icono Globo

Travel abroad


Icono Globo


Allowed without supplement

Motorhome rental Barcelona

There is no hotel in the world with better views than the ones you decide

Motorhome rental Barcelona

Travel in a motorhome, enjoy every moment and remember that the important thing is not only the destination, but the journey..

Motorhome rental Barcelona

Your destiny will be where you park it

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