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In June 2020 the Rimovan adventure began. Just at a very difficult time for everyone, where many doubts arose about whether or not to undertake this adventure due to the situation in which the world was. Now when it will be almost a year since the beginning of this adventure, I encourage you to write this blog to tell you how the experience of this first year has been and if it has been worth the risk of embarking on this adventure of renting motorhomes.

Motorhome parking La Molina

I had the idea of starting a project of this type before the covid era, rural tourism is something that is booming and that particularly, and that goes to tastes, I like it more. Enjoy nature and small charming towns and escape from the crowds of big cities. Due to various factors, in June I was given the opportunity to acquire a motorhome that met the requirements that I wanted to offer my clients. A value proposition focused on comfort and elegance.

In a motorhome, comfort is not only in the room where we live and spend the night, it is also in driving the vehicle, since we are facing a hotel with wheels. One of the advantages of traveling in a motorhome is that you enjoy both the destination and the journey. So that this road becomes pleasant for the driver and his companions, we bet on profiled motorhomes with 170 CV engines with automatic transmission. During the experience of this almost first year, customers who had already had other experiences in a motorhome have seen it as a differentiating factor. A good 170 hp engine helps to make sometimes necessary overtaking and mountain climbs easy, while reducing fuel consumption. That it is profiled also helps to reduce fuel consumption and aerodynamics when driving.

Another aspect that customers have highlighted is the elegance of the motorhome. Being the highest range of the Challenger 308, the Graphite edition, its finishes are notably better than the other ranges. On the one hand, due to the inclusion of mirrors and reflective black panels that give the passenger compartment a feeling of greater spaciousness. Personally I have entered models that did not have these details and it is surprising how something that can seem so insignificant changes the feeling of spaciousness when you are inside. The blue LED lights in both the shower tray and the cabin give the motorhome an elegant touch when night falls.

In summary, despite being a very difficult year with the pandemic situation, I am satisfied with this almost first year. Being able to enjoy the experiences and stories that our clients tell us is an additional motivation to keep going. The illusion when both adults and children come to pick up the motorhome is gratifying, especially in these times when we all want to go out and enjoy ourselves so much. And the photos that customers are passing us give us a lot of joy, there are true artists! Here are some of the photos that have happened to us, although there are many more!

If you want to see more photos of the adventures that have been experienced during this first year, you can follow the account. I encourage you to also experience them in the first person. Renting one of our motorhomes means enjoying traveling in total freedom and safety. A unique experience. Will you join our adventure?

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